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Blackpool Closed Championships 2012 - Results

(February 06, 2012)

Men's Singles Finalists - Jon Ash (YMCA) & Les Richmond (Carleton)

Palatine Leisure Centre hosted the Blackpool Closed Table Tennis Championships on 5th February, one of the best attended events for a number of years with over 56 local players entering the competition. This year saw the inclusion of divisional singles events, which haven’t been held for over 10 years. With a number of finals going all the way to the best of five sets, there were a few aching limbs after a long but enjoyable days play.

Starting with the Men’s Singles, Jon Ash (YMCA) beat Les Richmond (Carleton) in a close fought five set battle. After being two games down with Richmond serving tight and spinning the ball into both wings, Ash blocked and returned everything thrown at him and took the third and fourth games before pipping Richmond to the final game 11-9.

In the Ladies singles Chris Appleby (YMCA) won the round robin group event with a mixture of defensive play and close to the table blocking, with Lindsay Hardy runner up.

In the Junior Singles the sibling rivalry of the Garbett twins (Moor Park) resulted in one of the closest fought matches of the day, both players heavily top spinning and blocking the ball into both wings, with James just running out his brother Robert 13-11 in the deciding game. The Veteran Singles saw the new Veteran to the scene Kieron Beswick beat Martin Ireland in three straight games.

In the doubles events Les Richmond and Ian Kitson (Carleton) fought back from a two games deficit to beat Jon Ash and Brian Oldfield (YMCA) 11-4 in fifth and final game of the Men’s Doubles. Lindsay Hardy and Alwyn Burrough (Carleton) won the Ladies Doubles with Chloe Ireland (Moor Park) and Louise Thompson (Carleton) taking second place, and the Mixed Doubles saw Chris Appleby (YMCA) and John Lynch (Fleetwood Bowling Club) beat Alwyn Burrough (Carleton) and Les Richmond.

The Handicap Singles saw Noah Fluss (Blackpool TTC) fight hard to beat an in form Ron Bennett (Carleton) in three straight games.

In the divisional events Malcolm Jackson (Moor Park) beat Dave Robertson (Moor Park) in three straight games to take the Division 1 title. Steve Foster (SSLTC) ran out Alan Buxton (Mythop) also in three straight games, and keeping to form Steve Troy (SSTTC) beat Michael Boyle (Mythop) also in a straight game final.

 Final Results



Runner Up


Men’s Singles

Jon Ash

Les Richmond

-12, -8, 3, 5, 9

Ladies Singles

Chris Appleby

Lindsay Hardy

round robin

Junior Singles

James Garbett

Robert Garbett

-6, 7, 8, -10, 11

Veteran Singles

Kieron Beswick

Martin Ireland

7, 5, 9

Men’s Doubles

Les Richmond

Ian Kitson

Jon Ash

Brian Oldfield

-8, -8, 6, 8, 4

Ladies Doubles

Lindsey Hardy

Alwyn Burrough

Chloe Ireland

Louise Thompson

round robin

Mixed Doubles

Chris Appleby

John Lynch

Alwyn Burrough

Les Richmond

5, 7, 8

Handicap Singles

Noah Fluss

Ron Bennett

7, 5, 7

Handicap Doubles

Issac Fluss

Louis Bradley

James Garbett

Alec Whitaker

7, 6, 5





Division 1

Malcolm Jackson

David Robertson

6, 5, 6

Division 2

Steve Forster

Alan Buxton

9, 4, 3

Division 3

Steve Troy

Michael Boyle

2, 6, 3

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